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WE ARE INDRACO - Beginning in 1971 with a warehouse in Sumatra by our forefathers, we have been continuing to thrive and expand into several advanced manufacturing facilities across Indonesia and Singapore.

At Indraco, we strive to innovate in the ever-changing industry and be able to operate with ingenuity and creativity that we proudly carry and instil in all our endeavours, from the moment of our creation.




We operate a nation-wide distribution system with multiple, reliable channels to support the spread of our mission and to supply the best of our services.


Sophisticated online channels are up and running for our customers to search, explore and enjoy our products in the easiest ways possible.


Series of F&B services that we excel in, presented with the best experience-centered styles and culture.

We are now looking for potential business relations for both domestic and international fields. Should you have any interests related to our company and products, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would appreciate your interests and are looking forward to working with you.

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INDRACO Store provides convenient services for consumers Indraco to get various products ranging from coffee, chocolate, ginger and everything produced by Indraco. Everything can be obtained only with a few easy and simple steps, then our ordered product will be deliver directly to your home.

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