Indraco Distribution

We are one of the biggest and reputable distributing company in Indonesia, Specializing in distributing various food and beverages. Each of them has more than one brand. We already have distribution network in various cities in Indonesia. Our team serves distributions ranging from traditional markets to modern markets.

Where buy our coffee :

  • Surabaya
  • Jakarta
  • Yogyakarta
  • Palembang
  • Padang
  • Medan
  • Balikpapan
  • Gorontalo
  • Jayapura

Vision :

To become a distribution company with best professional network and services.

Mission :

Preserve, Empathy, Creative, Enthusiasm, Discipline.

INDRACO DISTRIBUTION is our national distributor company independently in Indonesia, especially cancern for fast moving consumer good (FCMG).

We have reputable sales team and marketing and handle with CARE(Creative, Attractive, Responsive, Effective) from head office to all areas in Indonesia


Pengiriman tepat waktu adalah penting bagi kami. Kami memiliki struktur logistik yang kuat dan armada transportasi yang memadai sehingga selalu dapat memenuhi kebutuhan Anda akan produk kami, tepat pada waktunya. Distribusi secara berkesinambungan ke tempat Anda adalah prioritas utama Kami. 

Timely delivery is important to us. We have a strong logistics structure and adequate transportation fleet so it is always able to meet your needs for our products, just in time. Distribution continuously to where you are the main priorities us.