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Who we are

About Indraco

Indraco Roasting fine exquisite coffee since 1971.

Our forefathers started from humble beginnings with a small warehouse in Riau, Sumatra in 1971. From there we have continued to revolutionise and expand to several state-of-the-art facilities spread throughout Indonesia. Our facilities are strategically located close to trusted coffee plantations, which ensures we can maintain close relationships with the farmers, and sustain quality control of the coffee crop. This also enables the coffee beans that are specially selected to be processed and roasted in a timely manner to maintain freshness and the integrity of the coffee’s unique flavour profile. Our latest state-of-the-art manufactory plant employs the ISO 22000 quality management system and HACCP procedures, to ensure that our quintessential coffees are produced under strict world class food safety standards.

We have learnt the tricks of the trade from our founding fathers, and combined this valuable knowledge with our continual research and modern technology to bring Supresso into the 21st century. This invaluable formula has enabled us to develop over 100 varieties of coffee products, to date, which are delivered to distributors, restaurants, cafés, hotels, specialty coffee shops and retailers nation wide.

Working closely with our master roasters, we have most recently released Supresso’s range of Specialty and Organic coffees, as well as Supresso’s Original and World Blends. With such a wide range of products available, Supresso has something to satisfy the coffee connoisseur in you.

In 2018, we began exploring our international markets, and Indraco now has international marketing offices in Singapore and Malaysia. To support our expansion into the global coffee markets, our parent company also own distribution companies, PT. Indraco Distribution (Indonesia) and Supresso International (Singapore).

No matter what type of coffee experience you are after, there is a Supresso for you.

Founded parent-company

Founded parent-company Indraco as UD. Intisari Opened a small warehouse in Riau, Indonesia


Expanded manufactory to Surabaya

Expanded manufactory to Surabaya, Indonesia as Indraco


Moved manufactory to Gresik

Moved manufactory to Gresik, Indonesia as Indraco Driyorejo Plant



Founded Asiaterra Distribution company to handle the distribution of products in Indonesia


Building manufactory in Pasuruan

Began the building of third manufactory in Pasuruan, Indonesia


Global Expansion

Founded sister-company Indraco Purwosari Plant for global expansion


Founded Supresso Internasional

Asiaterra Distribution amended to Indraco Distribution Founded Supresso Internasional for International distribution Supresso Malaysia for distribution in Malaysia.

Our Vision

Becoming a globally recognized and admired company. Obtaining positive growths at the areas where by accentuating our 5 core values.

Our Mission


We will go the distance to delight our customers, manifesting them into our advocates in the process. It is our objective to create and maintain long term relationships with our customers by generating trust, confidence and loyalty.


We "Work Together as One Team, As One Indraco". We endeavor to create harmony and always remember those we work with.


We manage our business ethically and morally. We are convinced that we have gained the trust and respect of our customers and everyone we cooperate with, by being transparent, honest and honorable in all our actions.


We escalate our capacity and augment our achievement, optimizing our ability to utilize what we have been bestowed. We are the people who encounter the hardest challenge that others might consider insurmountable.


We are the people who embrace a new mindset and always attempt to exert our ability to make everything work better. We will be proactive in commencing changes and enhancement.